Who is Shreshth?

Even though I have tried to extensively answer this question in Newsletter Init. A simpler explanation is basically a guy from Delhi, India in his early twenties. Did Computer Engineering from a reputed college TIET in Patiala been a builder in STEM most of his life. Dived into Electronics, Robotics and Web in school days and participated in a tons of Competitions and Hackathons during College years. Working these days into understanding web3, crypto and a bigger rabbit hole of how the value system designed by humans is working.
Reads Sometimes and you might find analysis from it regularly in these

What is this Newsletter then?

Weekly postings of what I think can be shared with a cohort of people; for constructive and creative discussion. An outlet for raw ideas that I found missing. Also, Email is a great and underutilised tool personally by me and writing long-form text is a great way to have clarity.

Shreshth’s Community:

Currently housed by both virtual beings and organic-based lifeforms is an internet tribe to discuss and bring about the Ideas, Network or just chill.

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A store house for publishable constructive internal chatter of shreshth’s mind.


Probably Building something amazing right now 👨‍💻